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Dear Parents, Teachers and My dear little children

We all know that our school years, once over and gone, remain with us as our fondest memories throughout our lives.

Our school life, indeed, is the most enjoyable period for all of us without a doubt, and it will never come back.

So let us try and make this very important period even more enjoyable and memorable for all our children. Both, Parents and Teachers can play a very big and mutually supportive role in making school days more exciting for our little ones.

How exactly can this goal be achieved?

Very simple: we just constantly motivate and encourage our children to enjoy not only the fun filled and challenging activities organized by the school, we teach them to enjoy their daily class studies and all academic activities as well. For doing this we have to spend more time with them.

To begin with, we can make a study-at-home time table and paste it in front of their study table. Yes, study table.

If you want your ward to sit in a big chair behind a very big table one day, then please arrange a study table for him.her today itself!

The study-at-home time table should be a replica of the class time table and your ward must be taught to just revise - period-wise and subject-wise , whatever class-work has been done in the class that day.

It is that simple!

If you want your children to become toppers in life, you must teach them to do daily revision of the class-work at home- without fail.

Daily revision should be the mantra during school days in order to give a bright and prosperous future to your children.

This is the secret of creating toppers and the secret of success in life.

So here's wishing you all the very best today and always!