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  • Value Education – Our school follows the philosophy enshrined in the ancient Indian world-view ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam i.e., this world is my family. The moral and ethical training imparted through the school curriculum is based on this global vision.
  • Scientific Temper – Science from Std. VI upwards comprises Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The study of these subjects is oriented in such a way as to inculcate an objective, rational and scientific temper in the young minds.
  • The Arts – In order to enable students to express their innermost feelings and emotions, the school curriculum provides for Art and Craft, Drawing, Painting, Music and other hobby classes to nurture the talent in our students.
  • Elocution – School’s elocution classes aim at improving the verbal skills of pupils for which various audio visual materials apart from a highly motivated staff is also available. Elocution contests are also regularly held during the Morning Assembly.
  • Physical Training – Due emphasis is laid on sports, physical activities, gymnastics, athletics and various kind of outdoor and indoor games with a view to keeping child physically fit and healthy. Inter - house and inter – class activities are also arranged to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition in the students.
  • The House System – To foster a sense of collective responsibility, solidarity and a spirit of co-operation, the student body of the school has been divided into 4 houses, namely the Vivekananda House, the Einstein House, the Arya Bhatta and the Augustine House. Each of these Houses is headed by the Captain, Vice-captain, Sports Captain (both boy and girls). The President, Head Boy/Girl including the Assistant Head Boy/Girl, House Captains and Vice-Captains, Sports captains and Class Monitors together form the Students Council responsible for maintaining discipline in the school and also planning and organizing various co-curricular activities for students.
  • The School Library – The School maintains a well-stocked and well-furnished library catering to the needs of all students and faculty members. Library periods are held compulsorily once a week and books are also issued to students for improving their reading skills, comprehension and general knowledge.
  • Audio visual Teaching, Visits & Excursions – Audio-visual education forms and integral part of the school’s programme with smart classes, computer labs, films, slides, charts and models with supplementing school tours, excursions and visits to places of educational and historical importance in and around the city. Buses are used for most of these excursions and every class has ample opportunity to participate in them.
  • Computer Literacy Programme – Due to an ever increasing need for computers in modern life, the school imparts computer education to its students from class I upwards. The children are provided with hands on practical experience in handling computers including surfing the net for improving their academic performance.
  • Eco Club – Awareness of environmental issues and their relationship with the survival of mankind on planet earth must form an important part of any modern day educational programme. To serve this end the school has constituted an Eco Club comprising of students and staff members to undertake environmental related projects in the school with a view to spreading environmental awareness amongst the students and teaching community of the school.