Saint Paul's High School, Bathinda

Affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi

From the Desk of Our Director

Anal Lawrence


Dear Parents,

One of the noblest responsibilities in life is to impart right education to young children.

Right education implies one that liberates us from all kinds of narrow and parochial thinking that has wreaked havoc on our beautiful blue planet.

Right education is right training of the thinking human mind which is basically the same everywhere. This very constructive aim of education is so sagaciously enshrined in one of our ancient religious texts, which declares - "Sa vidya ya vimuktaye!"

The semantics enfolded in the dictum is much more relevant to our modern human society than it was in the ancient era and its meaning is - "Education is that which liberates!"

According to our ancient traditions, right education is nothing but the balanced development of the body, mind and soul. It is in fact a conscious attempt to shape this Trinity of Life into one harmonious whole. Modern human society, unfortunately, caters to just the physical body and the thinking mind neglecting the soul which dies a slow and painful death consequently. It is the annihilation of the human soul by the human mind that is responsible for the untimely and impending doom of our precious planet.

It is my firm belief that given the right kind of education, our children have the potential to save our 'Mother Earth' from this mindless destruction, not only for themselves but for the coming generations as well. Given the right mental training children have the capacity to clean up the mess that we adults have so unconsciously but so assiduously piled up on our unfortunate planet over the centuries.

For education to fulfill it's true aim, development of the child must be total and in complete harmony with the home environment - the basic unit of human society. The role of parents, therefore, assumes great significance since children spend eighteen to nineteen hours at home in the company of their parents. As one educationist has rightly put it:

" A child is what the home is."

It is imperative, therefore, for all parents to realize that their responsibilities do not end with the admission of their wards in school. On the contrary, it is just the beginning of bigger responsibilities. It is the duty of parents to ensure that whatever good is done in school must never be undone at home. This means greater and closer co-operation between home and school so as to create a cordial and conducive environment for the child to grow in and eventually blossom into the individual we would like him or her to become.

Parents must never condemn or criticize the school or the teachers in front of their children otherwise it will permanently pollute their inner mental environment.

Do it in private if you have to but never in front of your children. You cannot imagine the immense harm you would be causing to them if you continue doing so.

Let us first allow our education to liberate us from our own faults and foibles enabling our children to follow suit and emulate our living examples.